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We would like to warmly welcome you to our website, and we very much hope to have the opportunity to welcome you to our Faculty!

In Poland, you can experience for yourself the historical changes that have been taking place on our continent since 1989. You can learn a new exotic language and live in a lively city at the very heart of Europe.


The origins of the faculty date back to 1965, when it was still part of the Katowice Branch of the Jagiellonian University, comprising just a few institutes.

The Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Silesia was evaluated as the best Law Faculty in Poland according to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education ranking of 2010. Since then, the Faculty of Law and Administration has maintained its position as one of the best law faculties in Poland.

The faculty is located in a new, modern building, equipped with eight large auditoriums, plenty of seminar rooms and cafes. A modern library (with several dozen computer and internet seats) offers access to more than 300 periodicals and over 130 thousands books. Students have free access to international legal bases (like Westlaw, HeinOnline or SpringerLink).

Today the faculty consists of an impressive 19 chairs. It is entitled to grant doctoral and other degrees in law. The faculty offers full- and part-time courses in law (a five-year Master’s degree programme), as well as full- and part-time courses in Administration and in Business (Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes). It is also possible to study for a Ph.D. or one of various postgraduate diplomas, and to participate in the prestigious European PhD programme: PEPP (Programme in European Private Law for Postgraduates). A recent addition to the courses offered by the faculty is the School of U.S. Law, which is being organised in cooperation with the law faculties of three different universities based in the United States (for more information about the School please visit: In addition to regular classes and lectures, students have the opportunity to train as lawyers in various structures of judicial and civil administration.

Along with traditional lecture rooms, the faculty has a newly equipped computer room and specialist laboratories (such as a forensic and photographic lab). Students can also perform in moot courts in a specially prepared courtroom.

The teaching staff consists of 58 professors and assistant professors, along with 50 academics with Doctor of Laws titles and 16 with Master of Laws degrees. The results of academic research can be published in the “Silesian Journal of Legal Studies”, a faculty periodical published in English and in six other journals published in Polish.

As scholars, faculty members deal with a broad spectrum of legal issues, from Roman and canon law, through civil and private international law, commercial and administrative law, labour and social security law, mining and local government law, public international law, environmental law, to aspects of criminal law, criminology, and forensics. Faculty members also work as legal experts for the government, courts of law and local government institutions.

The faculty’s undergraduates pursue a wide range of extramural activities, publishing their research and taking part in conferences, contests and debates organised by student groups and associations.

The faculty cooperates with a number of diverse international universities and academic institutions. Among 55 universities from 18 countries from both Europe and the U.S., the faculty cooperates closely with Cambridge University; the Loyola University New Orleans College of Law; the University of Arkansas, William H. Bowen School of Law; the University of Toledo, College of Law; the University of Osnabrück; the University of Hamburg; the University of Valencia; the University of Genoa; the University of Lepizig; Zurich University; the University of Rome; the University of Bologna and the University of Ghent. Recently, the Faculty has also launched the cooperation with two Chinese law schools, The School of Humanities and Law, Northwestern University, Shenyang and The School of Law, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing. The cooperation will consist of the exchange of academic staff , the exchange of students and joint scientific projects.

The Faculty of Law and Administration

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